Vos Questions
How can I get my parcel delivered using the SpeedBox service?
Verify if your merchant site offers the delivery service SpeedBox Relay Point. You will notice the SpeedBox logo placed at the corner of the banner of the e-commerce platform. If so, you just have to make your purchases as you usually do. At the end of your order, and by finalizing your basket, you will be offered to have a relay point delivery. You are there! Just find the Relay Point that's suitable for you by entering your zip code or your city name.
How can I track my package?
Once the order is finalized and the chosen Relay Point, you will receive, as a first step, an SMS informing you of the departure of your order from our warehouses. Please keep this SMS as it contains your tracking number for your parcel. Once this number has been received, you will only have to enter it in the "Parcel tracking" menu. You will see the progress of your order on the digital circuit, and will know exactly where it is and when it arrives at its destination.
What does the mention "status / status" of my package mean?
The status or status statements mean the stage at which your package is on the logistics circuit. It allows you to visualize the progress of the routing of your order, and estimate its date of arrival.
How to know if my package has arrived at the Relay Point I choosed?
Once at your destination, you will automatically receive an SMS telling you that your package is at the Relay Point you selected. You can either check on the IT tracking platform that your order is actually at the indicated location, or you can directly pick it up when you want.
What products can I order via SpeedBox?
SpeedBox will not support: perishable products requiring isothermal packaging; goods subject to national and international regulations on dangerous products such as flammable, radioactive or toxic materials. Aside from these delicate cargoes, all other orders can be managed by SpeedBox, and benefit from the full range of services that the solution offers.
My package has arrived in Relay Point, but I do not want to collect it, what should I do?
In case of withdrawal or change of mind at the last minute, two solutions are available to you: either you leave your package at the Relay Point until the planned period of custody has elapsed (it will be done automatic return from the order to your merchant site), or you go to the designated relay point and refuse to receive your package. We recommend this second solution so that your merchant site is notified as soon as possible of your refusal, and proceed, as soon as possible, to exchange or refund.
Do I have to pay for the parcel I ordered during the recovery in the Relay Point?
When you finalize your shopping cart at the merchant site where you made your purchase, you can choose to make a payment at the chosen Relay Point. On-site teams will be notified of your choice, and proceed to the collection and delivery of your package. On the other hand, if you have made the online payment at your merchant site, the teams at the chosen Relay Point will also be notified, and nothing will be asked when the parcel is recovered.
What payment method can I use at the time of delivery?
The means of payment are determined by the agreements made with the partner networks. For example, you may be required to pay for your order only in cash, or by check, or both at the same time.
Can someone else pick up my parcel in my place?
If, for any reason, you can not go to the chosen Relay Point to pick up your package, you can send a third party to pick it up on your behalf. However, this person must have their identity card and yours.
I have not received a notification on the state of routing of my parcel, what should I do?
If your delivery operation by Relay Point SpeedBox encounters a malfunction that has meant that you have not received a notification concerning the sending of your order, we invite you to contact your merchant site to provide the information relating to this malfunction, and make the necessary adjustments so that your order is correctly interpreted by our services.
My order is incomplete, what should I do?
The first thing to do is to contact your merchant site and provide all the necessary details to solve the problem. If at the collection of your parcel at the Relay Point you find that your package is open, we recommend that you check the contents before accepting to receive it.
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